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The Ram 1500 Ramcharger will be a hybrid like a locomotive

today 11/07/2023
The upcoming Ram 1500 Ramcharger by Stellantis, set to be released in 2025, will be marketed as an "electric" truck, but it is actually a hybrid with a gasoline engine. It will be sold alongside the fully-electric Ram REV. The Ramcharger's 3.6-liter 6-cylinder engine is not directly connected to the wheels but is only connected to a generator that charges the batteries and occasionally sends power to the electric motors. This setup is referred to as a "series hybrid." With fully charged batteries, the Ramcharger can travel up to 145 miles without using gasoline, which is more than most plug-in hybrids on the market. It has a total range of about 690 miles with a full battery pack and a full tank of gas. Unlike most plug-in hybrids, the Ramcharger can use DC fast chargers for quick battery recharge. Stellantis is introducing both the Ram REV and Ramcharger to cater to customers who want an electric pickup truck but are concerned about range anxiety. The hybrid and electric trucks by Ram will be launched after competitors, allowing the company to observe consumer response to other electric trucks. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares believes that the delay could be advantageous since early battery-powered trucks have been selling at discounted prices, indicating possible consumer hesitancy due to high prices. The Ramcharger is equipped with two electric motors that provide all-wheel drive and deliver up to 663 horsepower and 615 pound-feet of torque. The absence of a mechanically connected gas engine allows for a flat interior floor, providing additional space and storage compared to traditional gas-powered trucks.
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University of Pennsylvania board of trustees holds emergency meeting after president Liz Magill’s disastrous testimony

The University of Pennsylvania's board of trustees is having an emergency meeting today in response to the criticism received by school president Liz Magill following her performance at a House hearing earlier this week. The meeting was scheduled last-minute and is currently taking place virtually. This meeting has been arranged quickly due to the intense pressure faced by Magill after the hearing. It is uncertain whether this meeting will affect Magill's future at the university. The situation is still developing and updates will be provided.

Taylor Swift named Time'€™s '€˜Person of the Year'

Taylor Swift has been named Time magazine's "Person of the Year" for 2023, surpassing Barbie and King Charles III. The magazine praised Swift for her ability to bring hope to people around the world during difficult times. Swift expressed her pride and happiness in receiving this recognition and discussed her relationship with Travis Kelce. Additionally, Swift's "Eras Tour" was a major success, grossing $2.2 billion in North American ticket sales and becoming StubHub's biggest tour in its history. She also broke her own Spotify record by becoming the most-streamed artist in a single day.

Why the US economy has powered ahead of other rich nations

Not all countries have experienced the same recovery from the effects of the pandemic. The US economy has shown strong growth, outperforming other advanced economies such as the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada. Energy prices, fiscal and monetary policy, and China's economic slowdown have contributed to the diverging paths of these economies. The US has benefited from lower inflation, generous government support, and shifting consumption patterns, allowing consumers to continue spending despite rising prices. However, the US economy is expected to slow down in the final months of the year as pandemic savings decline and borrowing costs remain high. Meanwhile, China's economic recovery has faltered due to weak consumer spending, a slump in real estate, and muted global demand for its goods. Government spending and improving retail sales may provide some boost, but the property downturn and weakening exports will continue to hinder growth.

What to expect from Friday’s jobs report

Economists are predicting that the jobs report for November will show a net gain of 180,000 jobs. However, employers are becoming more cautious and reducing job postings and hiring. This cautiousness is reflected in the federal jobs reports, which show moderate employment growth compared to the high gains seen earlier in the pandemic recovery. In October, 150,000 jobs were added and the unemployment rate increased to 3.9%. The expected jobs report for November is also anticipated to show employment growth of 180,000 positions and a steady jobless rate of 3.9%. The return of striking autoworkers and actors to the workforce may boost these numbers. The labor market is currently in a wait-and-see state, and the report could provide insights into whether it is returning to a more balanced and steady state or cooling more rapidly than expected. Job cuts remain higher than in the past decade, but layoffs are not increasing significantly. Despite the modest growth, the US labor market is well-positioned for future improvement, but high interest rates are holding it back. Many investments are not reaching their potential until interest rates decrease. Employers expect business activity to pick up in the latter half of 2024, assuming inflation continues to decrease and the Federal Reserve starts cutting rates.