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MC: Yandex.Delivery is an advanced add-on from the Maxi Cart team for the CS-Cart platform, designed to integrate the Yandex.Delivery service into your online store.

This add-on enables you to automate the calculation of delivery costs and manage the process of creating shipments directly on your platform. The add-on supports express delivery and same-day delivery services, making it a perfect solution for modern retail.

MC: Yandex.Delivery not only simplifies logistics management processes but also enhances customer satisfaction with fast and accurate delivery of orders.

Our add-on will help you easily integrate your online store with Yandex.Delivery, ensuring efficient handling of applications and shipments, and providing accurate and up-to-date data for calculating delivery costs.

Benefits of the MC: Yandex.Delivery add-on for your business:

  1. Quick and accurate calculation of delivery costs, integrated into your online store interface.
  2. Convenient creation and management of shipments, with the ability to track application statuses in real-time.
  3. Support for express delivery and same-day delivery, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers.


Technical support

Общие условия технической поддержки доступны по этой ссылке (обязательно изучите эти условия, все решения от команды разработчиков MaxiCart поставляются с ограниченной технической поддержкой).





To install the add-on you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Marketplace and log in under the account of the order owner
  2. Go to the order with the module “Yandex.Delivery”, there you can see a link to download the module archive
  3. Install the downloaded archive in your store (standard for CS-Cart installation: Add-ons → Manage add-ons, select in the gear menu Manual installation, download the archive in the window that appears and click the Install button.


Setting the delivery method Setting the delivery method

1. OAuth-token

Indicate in this field the OAuth token from your Yandex personal account.


2. Delivery type

Select a delivery type for this delivery method to work.
Possible options:

  • Express/During the day
  • Next day
Please note that the Next Day Delivery service is not currently available and will be available in the future.

3. Automatic confirmation of application

When the setting is active, the application automatically becomes available for courier work without additional confirmation.

Please note that orders are also created manually when creating a standard shipment. This setting only affects the need to confirm the application after Yandex has assessed the cost of delivery.

4. Add shipping cost to order amount

When the setting is active, shipping costs will be added to the order price.


5. Checkout page settings

The settings “Display the field “Only courier by car”, “Display the field “Deliver in a thermal bag”, “Display the field for selecting a delivery interval” and “Display the field “Order freight services”” affect the functionality of the checkout page and control the display of functional elements for preliminary assessment order delivery cost.


6. Shipment form settings

The settings in this section affect the form for creating a new shipment.


7. Status map

Status map

In the status map, you can configure the correspondence of Yandex.Delivery application statuses with the statuses of orders and shipments in CS-Cart.


Working with built-in functionality

This section provides information solely on the functions that "Yandex.Delivery" adds.

We strongly recommend that you read the documentation for using CS-Cart before starting to work with the add-on.


Shipment creation

On the page "Orders → All orders → Order details → section "Delivery Information" you can create a request for delivery through Yandex.Delivery (by creating a shipment).

When By selecting the carrier "MC: Yandex.Delivery", additional fields will be loaded to manage the creation of a Yandex.Delivery request.

Shipment settings Shipment settings

Synchronization of shipment statuses

On the page "Administration → Shipping and taxes → Delivery methods → Editing the delivery method → tab "Customize" → section "Synchronization of application statuses" you can find CRON task for synchronizing statuses for requests of a given delivery method.

Synchronization of statuses
Please note that for each delivery method you need to set a separate CRON task.